Marc Reczek
(Bass Guitar)

Marc, or "Princess" as we like to call him, is the lead guitar player for Little Brother Project. Back in the spring of 2003, Marc joined up and toured with us for a few months. After 6 months, he realized that he would never be happy if he put down his guitar for good, so he left full-time work with Drop, and now he's back to concentrating on Little Brother Project full time.

But you never know when he might come by for a little Droptet action ... we just put up the Patron sign in the sky, and he appears.

Marc's everyday life is shrouded in mystery ... we think he performs mafia hits as a day job, but that's only until he can pay for the gigantic rock he just bought for his fiancee. After that, we hear he's thinking about becoming an editor at GQ magazine.

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